Titus boasts a best-in-country quality assurance program on all products focused on quality, redundancy and traceability.  From raw material controls, redundant in-country and domestic pressure tests, 3rd party verification in USA, to 100% heat code pressure tests – Titus is the only manufacturer who takes a proactive approach to quality control.  With an unyielding focus on quality and safety, Titus is proud to stand behind its products.

Raw Material Control

Titus controls are implemented on every raw material purchase.  Titus conducts metallurgical

and chemical test on 100% of heat code on every production run.


EVERY Titus product is sold with a unique serial number and is 100% traceable back to the raw material used in the production cycle. With an unyielding focus on quality and $5mm of product liability insurance – FunkLok provides end-to-end protection and guaranteed quality satisfaction.

Production Run Inspection

Titus QA policy is proof pressure testing on 100% of parts for all heat codes with redundant 3rd party testing.  Titus maintains local QA in every country of origin and multiple levels of verification to ensure consistent quality.

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